Nationals 2014

Nationals 2014

This past weekend, the Canadian National Championships took place at the Olympic Oval in Richmond, BC.  I got a great view for two of the three days of competition, as I volunteered to do scorekeeping.

I’m still awaiting access to the official list of competition results, but here are a few “attagirls” and “attaboys” to the participants who happen to train in Shitoryu:

Claudia Laos-Loo, Ladner:  Kata Individual Female Juniors and Kumite Individual Female Juniors -48 kg

Miho Kataoka, Hombu:  Kata Individual Female Seniors, Kumite Individual Female Under 21 -60kg

Valerie Doyon, Campbell River:  Kumite Individual Female Juniors -59 kg

Lindsey MacDonald, Courtney:  16/17 Kumite Individual Female Juniors -53kg

Kalan Anglos, Courtney: Kumite Individual Male -84kg

Claudie De Muylder, Courtney: 16/17 Kumite Individual Female Juniors +60 kg

Erin Maher, Courtney:  14/15 Kumite Individual Female Juniors -54kg

Evan Kwong:   Kata Individual Male Juniors and Kumite Individual Male Juniors -55 kg

If you want to see footage of the action, try this link:

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