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Fall is Here, Busy Busy!

There are several events in BC COMING UP fast! As mentioned a few days ago, the Qe'pen Tournament in Pemberton/Mount Currie is in early October. Also, Campbell River Dojo is also holding a tournament - details to come. OF COURSE, the biggest adjustment to make is to get ready for the SATO CUP, which is moving to the Fall (instead of the Winter). Mark this weekend down please: November 15, 2014! Here are the details for the...

Upcoming Tournament Hosted by Pemberton

The first weekend of October will be the 5th Qe'pen First Nations Karate Invitational Tournament, open to practitioners of traditional karate-do. This is not only a competition; it is a celebration of young First Nations karate-ka in the Whistler-Pemberton-Mount Currie area. Come participate if you can!