Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

Yesterday was the first Sato Cup Invitational Tournament since February 2013. Because it was our first tournament (in a long time) held in the fall instead of the winter, it felt like new.

As usual, our members and friends worked tirelessly and passionately to make it as much a celebration of friendship and our karate-do community as it was a competition.

Everyone was integral to the running of this tournament. This list is not inclusive and will be added to!

Andreas, our tournament director.

Every member of the Seikokai association who has done this before, knows what special duties it entails, and jumped right in to make it happen.

Family members and friends who joined in to support the fun and the experience. Loved ones who put up with us at the 11th hour.

Competitors who love competitions. Competitors who may not, but did it anyway.

Officials who shared their very special skills and their knowledge of karate-do.

Our wonderful sponsors, big and small, who connect us to the greater community.

Exuberant participants who made it playful and exciting. Caring teachers, family members, and adults who calmed, wiped tears, and encouraged.

Tireless volunteers who set up the weeks, night, and morning before.

Special acknowledgement to members of the UBC Club, who are relentlessly upbeat and determined to get the job done right.

At 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the tired volunteers who nonetheless saw what was left to do to close the tournament, and did it. Kudos to our fabulous volunteer director Karen.

And of course, Sato Sensei!

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