Monthly Archives - March 2015

Beach Practice, a First Time Perspective

It was the forty-fifth time Sensei had done the winter beach practice and I did not know what to expect.  I have only been practicing for a little over a year and this seemed like something only Black Belts would do but I could not miss this one and show up to practice the following week. (You're so right about missing Beach Practice, then showing up at the dojo the next week!  Beach Practice is very much like commuting by [...]

Pink Shirt Day Activities

February 25 was Pink Shirt Day in BC. In 2007 a Ninth Grade male student in Canada arrived on the first day of school wearing a pink t-shirt, and was harassed and bullied.  In response, two other male students bought and distributed 50 pink t-shirts to demonstrate solidarity with that student.  This gesture has become an international event - the UN established May 4 as the international date to celebrate human rights and promote solidarity against bullying. This year, Seikokai joined [...]