Robert Sheng 1924-2015

Robert Sheng 1924-2015

Last week, on June 16, Robert Sheng, the oldest member in our association, passed away.  He had just turned 91.

Robert Sensei was one of Sato Sensei’s first students in Canada, starting his training in his mid-40s.  He only stopped training in the last ten years, a 7th Degree Black Belt.  He continued to teach Qi Gong, up until very recently.

Our deepest sympathy to Robert Sensei’s family.  Thank you, Mrs. Sheng (Lillian), Mel, Roberta, Jennifer, and David, and your families.  We were privileged to commemorate his life with you and your many, many friends in a church service this past Saturday.  There were many tears, but also many smiles as we thought of our moments with Robert.  A true gentleman.

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