Monthly Archives - November 2015

Busy, Busy!

The week of our Sato Cup Tournament, we had the pleasure of hosting 5 members from Tokushima, Japan:  two children and two teens, headed by our dear friend Ryunosuke Sakamoto Sensei, who trained and taught with us for a year, not so very long ago. Four days after Sato Cup wrapped up, our friends new and old went back, and took Sato Shihan with them! Sato Sensei was invited to attend their Tokushima Seikokai International Tournament, and so far, it looks [...]

Team Tryouts

Competition is an opportunity for growth, to test our mettle, to find out just how capable we are when put under pressure.  Today was the tryouts for our regional zone, to find the most ready representatives to attend the BC Winter Games.  The youngest competitors will be only eleven years-old!   It was apparent that tryouts were particularly gruelling for those newest to this level of competition, and some may have felt unprepared against the more experienced.  You mustn't give [...]

Thank You

The three months or so before every Sato Cup are always a buzz of activity, culminating in the weeks, the days, the nights before, where we wonder if we will get it ready. As usual, it is thanks to the volunteers, organizers, and sponsors.  I don't have the (appropriate) photos of everyone who gave of their creativity, commitment, and sheer time and effort to make this yet another successful tai kai, an opportunity for meeting and friendship through competition and celebration. [...]