Team Tryouts

Team Tryouts

Competition is an opportunity for growth, to test our mettle, to find out just how capable we are when put under pressure.  Today was the tryouts for our regional zone, to find the most ready representatives to attend the BC Winter Games.  The youngest competitors will be only eleven years-old!  

It was apparent that tryouts were particularly gruelling for those newest to this level of competition, and some may have felt unprepared against the more experienced.  You mustn’t give up if you didn’t place today, though:  there are Wild Card spots, so opportunities may come up sooner than you think.  In other words, keep training in between the upcoming holiday celebrations – you might need to be ready in a month!

It was not only the competitors who were put on the spot.  Several of the officials today -current and former competitors – are now working on using their experience and expertise to encourage the up-and-coming.

As usual, the whole operation worked out today because of passionate karateka and our families, dedicated to bringing out the best of us all.

I was not able to take photos once the tryout started, as I was officiating, score-keeping, and generally buzzing about.  If you were there and have a few gorgeous (or hilarious) action shots, please attach them to your comments.  

If you were at another zone selection tryout and wish to share photos, we’d love to see those, too! 

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