Speaking of Early Mornings…

Speaking of Early Mornings…

As some of you already know, we have done karate-do demonstrations at the Powell Street Festival for many years.  This year we were offered an additional opportunity to do a demonstration, this time at VanDusen Gardens, during the Cherry Blossom -Sakura – Festival.

The challenge?  We were first on the roster:  10am, when the garden opened.

Thankfully, it was a beautiful, bright day, so although our uniforms got muddy quickly in the morning dew, our spirits were high. The demo went loudly but smoothly, the grass and mud cushioning our throws.

After our demo, it got a little too exhilarating for some of us.  Thankfully, soap and a bit of tugging helped.


Here is the link for the YouTube created by Sensei Tony!


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