Monthly Archives - July 2016

Rain or Shine

This year's Canada Day Picnic was quieter than usual, with many regulars away.  The weather didn't help either. On the bright (ahem) side, the grey skies made for a quieter beach day, and we got our favourite spot. Of course, around the time we started packing up, the skies cleared! Still, always nice to hang around and chat with fellow karate-ka and our families. Same time, same place next year, with brighter weather and more folks.

Testing Results, June 2016

On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, we would like to officially inform you of the belt test results.   Sinclair Tam, Rokudan (6th Degree), Hombu Brenda Bombini, Yondan  (4th Degree), Courtenay  Pam Ross, Yondan  (4th Degree), Courtenay Sherry Duncan, Sandan (3rd Degree), Courtenay Rick White, Sandan (3rd Degree), Hombu Susana Cheng, Sandan (3rd Degree), Hombu Sue Ingram Steuart, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay Janet Litchfield, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay Christy Woods, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay Koto Andersen, Nidan (2nd Degree), Hombu Nicky Zavaglia, Nidan (2nd...

Summer in Croatia!

Umag, Croatia held the 9th annual Youth Karate Cup Camp. Umag is located in the beautiful Istria region of Croatia – home to one of the best preserved Roman Coliseums in the World (Pula), some of the best truffle hunting in the World, and of course the beautiful sea.        The training camp and tournament was held June 27th – July 3rd. Training for the athletes started on June 27th and covered kata and kumite. Several World Champions...