Testing Results, June 2016

Testing Results, June 2016

On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, we would like to officially inform you of the belt test results.  

Sinclair Tam, Rokudan (6th Degree), Hombu

Brenda Bombini, Yondan  (4th Degree), Courtenay 

Pam Ross, Yondan  (4th Degree), Courtenay

Sherry Duncan, Sandan (3rd Degree), Courtenay

Rick White, Sandan (3rd Degree), Hombu

Susana Cheng, Sandan (3rd Degree), Hombu

Sue Ingram Steuart, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay

Janet Litchfield, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay

Christy Woods, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay

Koto Andersen, Nidan (2nd Degree), Hombu

Nicky Zavaglia, Nidan (2nd Degree), Hombu

Colin Reynolds, Nidan (2nd Degree), Hombu

Warren MacLean, Nidan (2nd Degree), Hombu

Michael Patterson, Nidan (2nd Degree), Ladner

Jeremy Lyster, Shodan (1st Degree), Courtenay

Adam Myer, Shodan (1st Degree), Courtenay

Hana Lamb, Shodan (1st Degree), Courtenay

Enisha Dhaliwal, Shodan (1st Degree), Ladner

Annie Li, Shodan (1st Degree), Hombu

Christina Guo, Shodan (1st Degree), Hombu

Chizuko Wilson, Junior Black Belt, Nikkei

Congratulations one and all!

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