No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 2, aka the Powell Street Festival

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 2, aka the Powell Street Festival

This past Saturday and Sunday was the 40th Powell Street Festival, Vancouver’s celebration of our local homegrown Japanese community and culture.

Again, we were invited to do a karate demonstration for the public, and we gave it our all.

We arrived about an hour before, to warm up together. Even members not participating directly in the demo came to support us.



Viki W. was our announcer, and she represented us well with her firsthand knowledge of our Hombu quirks and with her lively sense of humour!


We started off with our basics, paired up to show attack-defense moves…


…(and this is why we usually skip lunch beforehand), then our demonstrations of strength and resilience.2223242526

The energy and enthusiasm of our youngest members is always appreciated, especially when wearing striped socks.


After the basic demos, we broke up into smaller groups. Kata and Bunkai: techniques and applications…


Shows of physical timing and agility, mental strength and perseverance, and one blessedly unbreakable wooden board…


More advanced Kata…


Coming together for a shared purpose – breaking (3) something(s) with a side-kick…


Some appropriately applied attitude in self-defense, colour belt-level…


…and a more experienced level.


We do not usually involve board-breaking and knife attack/defenses in our everyday training, but they help illustrate to our layperson audience the degree of focus, commitment, and trust needed in our practice.


As is our custom after training or demonstrating, we enjoyed bento boxes, courtesy of Sensei.  Nothing like fighting and food to bring a community together.

And flavoured ices.  Always the flavoured ices.


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