Karate National Championships 2017

Karate National Championships 2017

Karate has always been for me an enjoyable sport and way of self-expression but I never thought that it would give me the opportunity to represent my dojo and province at the Canadian National Tournament.  Arriving into Quebec City, I was both excited and nervous but my goal was simple: to stand on the podium.

My competition for Kata was very difficult.  It was a large division made up of 17 competitors from all corners the country.  It was certainly nerve-racking yet somehow, I found myself claiming a bronze medal in the end.  My final competition was Kumite and even though the division was smaller, the matches were more intense.  My opponents put up a good fight but I still managed to snatch my second bronze medal that day.

My experience at the Nationals was definitely a good one and I owe a great deal to Sensei Sato and the many Senpais from the dojo who helped me in my training.  As well, I am thankful for the BC Team coaches for their encouragement and guidance in the rings.  I will forever remember my experience in Quebec City, not only for the 2 bronze medal I took home, but for the immense support I received, the many friends I made along the way and for the new possibilities it has opened my eyes to.

–Ashlyn Ng,  age 13

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