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Eating Out With Miura Sensei!

Miura Sensei, who lived and trained in Vancouver for many years, recently came back for a visit.  After 2 weeks, he and his mother Mrs. Miura had a lovely Chinese dinner with several longtime karateka and our children, including Miura Sensei's daughter Chelsea and her husband Dennis.    

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 3

Mid-summer is a great time to visit other dojos, and this year we were invited to come train with the Gibsons Club on the Sunshine Coast ...the day after the Powell Street Festival demo. We few, we intrepid (caffeine-deprived) few, managed to get on the early Sunday morning ferry.  Homemade muffins helped.  We were picked up by Sensei Dallas on the other side and taken to our third outdoor dojo of the weekend.  Thankfully the weather cooperated. After a shared training...

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 2, aka the Powell Street Festival

This past Saturday and Sunday was the 40th Powell Street Festival, Vancouver's celebration of our local homegrown Japanese community and culture. Again, we were invited to do a karate demonstration for the public, and we gave it our all. We arrived about an hour before, to warm up together. Even members not participating directly in the demo came to support us. Viki W. was our announcer, and she represented us well with her firsthand knowledge of our Hombu quirks and with her...

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 1

Usually, a long weekend means taking it easy, but this Saturday was our Powell Street Festival karate demo, our 35th (or was it our 36th?). Friday Evening Practice:  our usual facilities were not available, but we had to be ready for the next afternoon.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated, and there was a nice little park across the street, complete with goose poo for extra seasoning.  

Repost:  Tips for a Fun, Not Frustrating, Beach Practice!

Beach Practice Practical Wisdom ... Here are a few tips for our 46th beach practice on Saturday, January 16th, 2016, from 1-1:45 PM, at English Bay. Eat a good (warm?) breakfast a couple of hours before practice. Arrive dressed warmly: fleece, warm socks and boots, hat, on top of your gi. Hang on to what body heat you have. Beg friends and/or family to be there to cheer you on, take photos, and hold your stuff. You will be so grateful they are...

Testing Results, December 2015

On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, I would like to officially inform you of the belt test results.   The following Dan grades were awarded.  Ger Vandeursen​, Yondan, Ladner Club. Mike Nakatsu, ​Yondan​, UBC Club. Linda Kong​, Nidan​​, UBC Club. Karen Bozic​​, Shodan​, Nikkei Club. Hannah Van Mook​​, Shodan​, Mountain Karate Club. Nicolo Wakelin, ​​Shodan​, Hombu Dojo. Congratulations everyone!    

Black Belt-Brown Belt Workshop at Hombu

Today is Day 1 of our 60th Black Belt-Brown Belt workshop, this time at Hombu Dojo.  This is our semi-annual opportunity for advanced belts to come together socially and to fine tune technique as we become role models and instructors for up-and-coming colour belts. Day 2 of the workshop is the usual time for the advanced belt tests:  from Brown Belt to Black, from 1st Degree on up. Looking forward to photos from the testing tomorrow.  Please send them to me!

Busy, Busy!

The week of our Sato Cup Tournament, we had the pleasure of hosting 5 members from Tokushima, Japan:  two children and two teens, headed by our dear friend Ryunosuke Sakamoto Sensei, who trained and taught with us for a year, not so very long ago. Four days after Sato Cup wrapped up, our friends new and old went back, and took Sato Shihan with them! Sato Sensei was invited to attend their Tokushima Seikokai International Tournament, and so far, it looks...

Team Tryouts

Competition is an opportunity for growth, to test our mettle, to find out just how capable we are when put under pressure.  Today was the tryouts for our regional zone, to find the most ready representatives to attend the BC Winter Games.  The youngest competitors will be only eleven years-old!   It was apparent that tryouts were particularly gruelling for those newest to this level of competition, and some may have felt unprepared against the more experienced.  You mustn't give...