Nikkei Demonstrations

The Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre in Burnaby had its annual festival during Labour Day Saturday and Sunday.  Both days, we participated in karate-do demos, alongside practitioners of aikido, kendo, jujitsu, and judo.  Here are a few photos from Day One.

Eating Out With Miura Sensei!

Miura Sensei, who lived and trained in Vancouver for many years, recently came back for a visit.  After 2 weeks, he and his mother Mrs. Miura had a lovely Chinese dinner with several longtime karateka and our children, including Miura Sensei's daughter Chelsea and her husband Dennis.    

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 3

Mid-summer is a great time to visit other dojos, and this year we were invited to come train with the Gibsons Club on the Sunshine Coast ...the day after the Powell Street Festival demo. We few, we intrepid (caffeine-deprived) few, managed to get on the early Sunday morning ferry.  Homemade muffins helped.  We were picked up by Sensei Dallas on the other side and taken to our third outdoor dojo of the weekend.  Thankfully the weather cooperated. After a shared training...

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 2, aka the Powell Street Festival

This past Saturday and Sunday was the 40th Powell Street Festival, Vancouver's celebration of our local homegrown Japanese community and culture. Again, we were invited to do a karate demonstration for the public, and we gave it our all. We arrived about an hour before, to warm up together. Even members not participating directly in the demo came to support us. Viki W. was our announcer, and she represented us well with her firsthand knowledge of our Hombu quirks and with her...

No Rest For the Wicked…Even on a Holiday Weekend, Part 1

Usually, a long weekend means taking it easy, but this Saturday was our Powell Street Festival karate demo, our 35th (or was it our 36th?). Friday Evening Practice:  our usual facilities were not available, but we had to be ready for the next afternoon.  Fortunately, the weather cooperated, and there was a nice little park across the street, complete with goose poo for extra seasoning.  

Rain or Shine

This year's Canada Day Picnic was quieter than usual, with many regulars away.  The weather didn't help either. On the bright (ahem) side, the grey skies made for a quieter beach day, and we got our favourite spot. Of course, around the time we started packing up, the skies cleared! Still, always nice to hang around and chat with fellow karate-ka and our families. Same time, same place next year, with brighter weather and more folks.

Testing Results, June 2016

On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, we would like to officially inform you of the belt test results.   Sinclair Tam, Rokudan (6th Degree), Hombu Brenda Bombini, Yondan  (4th Degree), Courtenay  Pam Ross, Yondan  (4th Degree), Courtenay Sherry Duncan, Sandan (3rd Degree), Courtenay Rick White, Sandan (3rd Degree), Hombu Susana Cheng, Sandan (3rd Degree), Hombu Sue Ingram Steuart, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay Janet Litchfield, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay Christy Woods, Nidan (2nd Degree), Courtenay Koto Andersen, Nidan (2nd Degree), Hombu Nicky Zavaglia, Nidan (2nd...

Black Belt Brown Belt Workshop in Courtenay

so digified Today we are having the semi-annual black-brown belt workshop, on Vancouver Island, hosted again by the ever-hospitable Brenda Bombini and Todd Robertson of the Courtenay and Comox dojos. Photos as they come down the pike: learning a new katafinetuningaccounts of a couple of harrowing adventuresannual general meeting