Extra Cold This Winter…on the Beach

List of what you need for this Saturday: come dressed in your gi - wearing a swimsuit underneath is fine, white t-shirt KEEP YOUR GI TIES LOOSELY KNOTTED!  Once you go into the water, the knots will be very difficult to undo. shoes/beach sandals, especially if there’s snow on the ground! towel change of clothes - warm, not clingy; a warm hat will help! large garbage bag Of course, if you have an entourage, they could hold your things, and be ready with hot tea!

Winter is Coming… of course we’re going outside again. You know the drill:  stay warm, work out, get soaking wet, dry up, go eat together, say “I’m getting too old for this...STUFF”, go home, shower, pass out for a nap, then “now on Monday I can say I did karate outside yesterday and ended up in English Bay!”  Repeat in 2019.

Sato Cup 2017

We would like to thank everyone for their help and participation to make this year’s Sato Cup such a success. It was a great opportunity for us to connect in the spirit of friendship and competition with fellow karateka from near and far. Photos from the day will soon be viewable from our association website.

Claudia’s Busy Year, plus Highlights for Other Nikkei Competitors – Congratulations Everyone!

These are excerpts from the Nikkei Centre's Monthly Read, written by Sensei Mert Horita, shared by Claudia.   Thank you! PKF Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina Aug 24-26, 2017 Our Claudia Laos-Loo was selected for the Canadian team to compete at the PKF (Panamerican Karate Federation) Championships. Due to the Texas Hurricane Harvey, Claudia and Andreas were stranded in Argentina for a few days. Their flights through Houston were cancelled. Our affiliated Argentina club members kindly looked after them. Claudia Laos-Loo a very Busy 2017 schedule Our top...

Q & A with Ashlyn – Well-Said!

  How many tournaments have you participated in? I have participated in approximately 15-20 tournaments over the past years. Before the Junior Pan-Am Championships in Buenos Aires, what was the most exciting competition you had ever participated in? Definitely the 2017 Canadian National Championships. It was truly amazing to have the BC Team backing me up and supporting me. As well, this tournament did not only allow me to bond and make friends, but it also revealed my capabilities. How long did you train...

Zone 5 Workshop

In the past, competitors qualified for many KarateBC-sanctioned events through zone competitions.  In recent years, we have moved to participation-based events.  Here are a few photos from the non-elite level competitions, run by many of our elite-level competitors.  These enable the more advanced to share their expertise, and the newer karateka to gain some hands-on experience.

Nikkei Festival Demonstration

IMG_8162 Last Sunday was our third year participating in the martial arts demonstration at the Nikkei Festival at the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural.  This year, we were elegantly sandwiched between the kendo and shorinji tempo segments.  Here we are making the transition alongside the kendo practitioners.  Of course, us being the foodies that we are, many of us shared a meal afterwards.

Test Results from our First Workshop Weekend as Satokai!

Subject: Official Dan Test Results (June 11 2017) On behalf of Soke Akira Sato and the Shitoryu Satokai Canada Association, I would like to officially inform you of the belt test results. The following Dan grades were awarded. Jascha Espley Shodan Nikkei Nia Laos-Loo Shodan BMK Daniel Wong Junior Black Campbell River Cody Chamberlin Junior Black Campbell River ​Mert Horita, ​President, ​Shitoryu Satokai Canada Association ​June 12, 2017