Members' Highlights

Results, Black Belt Testing, December 7, 2014

On the weekend of December 6-7, Hombu Dojo hosted the semi-annual Brown Belt/Black Belt Workshop.  Saturday, we focused on our basics. We also learned and practiced Kusanku Sho. On Sunday, eight members participated in the dan testing. Below are the results, thank you Mert Sensei. "On behalf of Shihan Sato and the Shito-ryu Seikokai Association of B.C, I would like to officially inform you of the belt test results. The following Dan grades were awarded. Anthony Au:  Godan (Hombu) Chris Nicol:  Yondan (Ladner) Trevor Walmsley:...

Fundraiser for Typhoon Survivors in the Phillipines

Here are a couple of YouTube videos made by Tony Au at the fundraising workshop given by several of our clubs, at the Hombu dojo at the end of March. The first one features the various workshops given by the instructors from the different dojo.  The second video features the demonstration at the end of the day.

North Vancouver Club at Zone 5

(This is forwarded via Sensei.). No I do not read Japanese. I cannot translate. But if you look at the photo I think you can figure out what it's about. Good work, folks! 佐藤先生 桜が散り始めましたが、ドイツからご帰国されたでしょうか?  少し遅くなりましたが、嬉しい報告です。 先々週末のKarateBC Zone5 Tornamentで、North-Van支部から出場した4名のうち3名が形で1位に入賞しました! みきちゃんと、初出場の正一朗も形、組手共1位になりました。 正一朗は、形をまだ平安二・三段の二つしか知らないのに決勝までいってしまい、その上、組手はほとんど練習していなかったので期待していませんでしたが、土壇場で後ろ回し蹴りをして逆転優勝したので驚きました。 これも偏に、佐藤先生、トニー先生のご指導の賜物と存じます。 本当にありがとうございます。 ハイキングの季節となりました。もし機会がございましたら、どうぞ、ご一緒させてくださいませ。 お会いできる日を楽しみにしております。 百合子

Congratulations Evan!

Here are a few photos of Evan at the Main Dojo after attending a class with the kids. A few of his award-winning moves from the Nationals, where he won Silver in Kata Individual Male Juniors and Kumite Individual Male Juniors -55 kg.

Official Nationals Results From Our Seikokai Competitors

Claudia Laos-Loo (Ladner), 3rd, Kata Individual female Juniors; 3rd, Kumite Individual female Juniors -48 Miho Kataoka (Hombu), 7th, Kata Individual female Seniors; 5th, Kumite Individual female U21 -60 Evan Kwong (Hombu), 2nd, Kata Individual male Juniors; 2nd, Kumite Individual male Juniors -55 Erin Maher (Courtney), 5th, Kumite Individual female Cadets -54 Claudie DeMuylder (Courtney), 5th, Kumite Individual female Juniors +59 Lindsey MacDonald (Courtney), 7th, Kumite Individual female Juniors -53 Valerie Doyon (Campbell River), 2nd, Kumite Individual female Juniors -59 Kalan Anglos (Courtney), 4th, Kumite Individual male Seniors...

Congratulations Courtney Competitors at the Nationals

From Courtney Dojo, four competitors vied in their individual divisions:  Lindsey Macdonald in kumite,16/17 girls -53kg:  Claudie De Muylder in kumite, 16/17 girls +60 kg; Erin Maher in kumite, 14/15 girls -54kg; and Kalan Anglos in Men's Kumite -84kg. All 4 competitors competed in kumite.  They all fought very hard in their respective divisions.  All came very close to the podium but unfortunately missed the mark.  Kalan sustained a head injury which resulted in him being pulled from the competition going into the bronze...

Congratulations Claudia Laos-Loo!!

Claudia started at Ladner Karate when she was 7, following her older brother Alex. Claudia showed karate potential right from the start. Sensei Sato remarked at her orange belt test that one day she could be in the Karate Nationals. Claudia was shy and reluctant to enter tournaments.  However, a couple of years ago, she was encouraged to compete and begin training with Junya Yamamura at Nikkei Karate. With Junya's exceptional coaching, Claudia became an all around competitor in...

Congratulations, Valerie!

Valerie Doyon of Campbell River Shito Ryu competed at the Canadian National Championships this January 17 and18th in Richmond BC.  Valerie competed in the girls 16-17 -59 kg kumite division and had 5 fights.  She finished with a silver medal. Valerie is a very motivated student who works hard every night.  She does about 20 hours a week of training on her own and in the dojo. Valerie first came to the dojo when she was 8 years old, and has put in many hours...