Sato Cup 2017

We would like to thank everyone for their help and participation to make this year’s Sato Cup such a success. It was a great opportunity for us to connect in the spirit of friendship and competition with fellow karateka from near and far. Photos from the day will soon be viewable from our association website.

Karate National Championships 2017

Karate has always been for me an enjoyable sport and way of self-expression but I never thought that it would give me the opportunity to represent my dojo and province at the Canadian National Tournament.  Arriving into Quebec City, I was both excited and nervous but my goal was simple: to stand on the podium. My competition for Kata was very difficult.  It was a large division made up of 17 competitors from all corners the country.  It was certainly [...]

Speaking of Early Mornings…

As some of you already know, we have done karate-do demonstrations at the Powell Street Festival for many years.  This year we were offered an additional opportunity to do a demonstration, this time at VanDusen Gardens, during the Cherry Blossom -Sakura - Festival. The challenge?  We were first on the roster:  10am, when the garden opened. Thankfully, it was a beautiful, bright day, so although our uniforms got muddy quickly in the morning dew, our spirits were high. The demo went [...]

Back to the Basics

Yesterday was the first Sato Cup Invitational Tournament since February 2013. Because it was our first tournament (in a long time) held in the fall instead of the winter, it felt like new. As usual, our members and friends worked tirelessly and passionately to make it as much a celebration of friendship and our karate-do community as it was a competition. Everyone was integral to the running of this tournament. This list is not inclusive and will be added [...]

Fall is Here, Busy Busy!

There are several events in BC COMING UP fast! As mentioned a few days ago, the Qe'pen Tournament in Pemberton/Mount Currie is in early October. Also, Campbell River Dojo is also holding a tournament - details to come. OF COURSE, the biggest adjustment to make is to get ready for the SATO CUP, which is moving to the Fall (instead of the Winter). Mark this weekend down please: November 15, 2014! Here are the details for the [...]

Fundraiser at Hombu Dojo

For those of you in Vancouver tomorrow, Hombu Dojo is holding a fundraiser, to benefit the survivors of last year's typhoon in the Philippines. Sato Sensei was in the Philippines a few months ago, and learned that many continue to struggle in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. Therefore, tomorrow, Saturday, March 29th, from 10;30am-12;30pm, at Hombu Dojo, in the Peretz Centre, there will be mini-lessons conducted by branch club instructors and demonstrations by all clubs present. Association members are [...]