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Thank You

The three months or so before every Sato Cup are always a buzz of activity, culminating in the weeks, the days, the nights before, where we wonder if we will get it ready. As usual, it is thanks to the volunteers, organizers, and sponsors.  I don't have the (appropriate) photos of everyone who gave of their creativity, commitment, and sheer time and effort to make this yet another successful tai kai, an opportunity for meeting and friendship through competition and celebration. [...]

Press Release for 45th Shito-ryu Beach Practice

ShitoRyu Seikokai Karate-Do, Hombu Dojo Announces our 45th Annual Karate-Do Beach Practice By Susana Cheng December 21, 2014 Vancouver, BC - 2015 will be the 45th year that our Shihan, Sensei Akira Sato, has been teaching karate-do in Canada. As he has done every year, he will be leading our 45th Annual Karate-Do Beach Practice on Saturday, January 17, 2015, 1 to 2 PM, at English Bay. This is our karate-do version of the Polar Bear Swim. At 1 o'clock sharp, we will [...]