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Official Nationals Results From Our Seikokai Competitors

Claudia Laos-Loo (Ladner), 3rd, Kata Individual female Juniors; 3rd, Kumite Individual female Juniors -48 Miho Kataoka (Hombu), 7th, Kata Individual female Seniors; 5th, Kumite Individual female U21 -60 Evan Kwong (Hombu), 2nd, Kata Individual male Juniors; 2nd, Kumite Individual male Juniors -55 Erin Maher (Courtney), 5th, Kumite Individual female Cadets -54 Claudie DeMuylder (Courtney), 5th, Kumite Individual female Juniors +59 Lindsey MacDonald (Courtney), 7th, Kumite Individual female Juniors -53 Valerie Doyon (Campbell River), 2nd, Kumite Individual female Juniors -59 Kalan Anglos (Courtney), 4th, Kumite Individual male Seniors [...]

Congratulations Courtney Competitors at the Nationals

From Courtney Dojo, four competitors vied in their individual divisions:  Lindsey Macdonald in kumite,16/17 girls -53kg:  Claudie De Muylder in kumite, 16/17 girls +60 kg; Erin Maher in kumite, 14/15 girls -54kg; and Kalan Anglos in Men's Kumite -84kg. All 4 competitors competed in kumite.  They all fought very hard in their respective divisions.  All came very close to the podium but unfortunately missed the mark.  Kalan sustained a head injury which resulted in him being pulled from the competition going into the bronze [...]

Congratulations Claudia Laos-Loo!!

Claudia started at Ladner Karate when she was 7, following her older brother Alex. Claudia showed karate potential right from the start. Sensei Sato remarked at her orange belt test that one day she could be in the Karate Nationals. Claudia was shy and reluctant to enter tournaments.  However, a couple of years ago, she was encouraged to compete and begin training with Junya Yamamura at Nikkei Karate. With Junya's exceptional coaching, Claudia became an all around competitor in [...]

Tremendous Thanks…

to the members of the UBC Dojo: The night before the National Championships were to begin, Mike Nakatsu and the members of the UBC club stayed at the Olympic Oval until about 3 am, setting up the tatami mats for the four competition rings.  Not a fun job.  It may be fun to rip them apart at the end of a competition, but it is a very...persnickety job putting them together so that they fit properly.  Those of you who [...]

Nationals 2014

This past weekend, the Canadian National Championships took place at the Olympic Oval in Richmond, BC.  I got a great view for two of the three days of competition, as I volunteered to do scorekeeping. I'm still awaiting access to the official list of competition results, but here are a few "attagirls" and "attaboys" to the participants who happen to train in Shitoryu: Claudia Laos-Loo, Ladner:  Kata Individual Female Juniors and Kumite Individual Female Juniors -48 kg Miho Kataoka, Hombu:  Kata Individual Female [...]