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New Friend…

Frank W. from Germany (by way of Detroit, USA) came to Hombu for Friday night practice, and got...incorporated into our Powell Street Featival demo preparations, all in good fun.  Then, of course, we went out to eat!  Lovely of you to join us during your vacation, hope to train with you again!

Rain or Shine

This year's Canada Day Picnic was quieter than usual, with many regulars away.  The weather didn't help either. On the bright (ahem) side, the grey skies made for a quieter beach day, and we got our favourite spot. Of course, around the time we started packing up, the skies cleared! Still, always nice to hang around and chat with fellow karate-ka and our families. Same time, same place next year, with brighter weather and more folks.

Fundraiser for Typhoon Survivors in the Phillipines

Here are a couple of YouTube videos made by Tony Au at the fundraising workshop given by several of our clubs, at the Hombu dojo at the end of March. The first one features the various workshops given by the instructors from the different dojo.  The second video features the demonstration at the end of the day. http://youtu.be/dx_DXYcRI-c http://youtu.be/r8qjkBjejf0