We would like to invite you, your friends, classmates and family to join our Sato Kai Karate Club. Our traditional Japanese karate club was established in 1970 by our current Founder –  Sensei Akira Sato.

Sato Kai has students aged from 5 to 80 Years of age at all skill levels, from Beginner White Belt to Advanced Black Belt. We offer both private and group lessons.

First lesson is free.

Karate BC Championships

Richmond Olympic Oval

May 7 and May 8 – 2022

Congratulations to all of our athletes and officials of all ages who participated in the 2022.

Special thanks to our Junior and Senior Black Belts who served as tournament officials.

Senior International Officials

Andreas Kuntze        Trevor Walmseley       Rosella Ng

 Senior Officials

Susana Cheng         Warren MacLean

Junior Officials

Emily Munro         Ira Giligson

Numerous Gold – Silver and Bronze Medals were earned by our athletes at all levels.

A list of Medal Winners at al levels will be uploaded in the coming days.

SPECIAL THANKS To Bill Ng for the photos in the LINKS BELOW

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What We Offer

Classes for All Ages


Opportunities to Compete Internationally




Soke Akira Sato
9th dan

In 2019, Soke Sato was honoured with a special Kudan (9th Dan) Certificate from two highly respected members of the advisory committee, Shihan Fumio Demura and Dr. David Suzuki. He is one of only a handful of practitioners in Canada to receive this rank.
On November 14, 2019, Shihan Fumio Demura presented Sensei Sato with this special certificate in recognition of his upcoming 50th year (2020) of karate in Canada.

Soke Sato has been recognized as an international leader in the development and promotion of the sport of karate. Following karate’s induction into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Soke received special recognition from the Japan Karate Federation alongside well-known names such as Teruyuki Okazaki. More details of this honor can be found here

To read more about our founder and his incredible journey, please click here.