Shitoryu Satokai Canada
Sato-Ha Shito-Ryu International Federation
Chairman and Chief Instructor:
Shihan Akira Sato

Hombu Dojo YOUTH TRAINING on Saturday mornings has re-started. However, ADULT classes have not re-started.

Registration for Youth participants is MANDATORY prior to attending class at the Peretz Centre.

Contact Rosella directly or to register.

Please click on the following link and read the information thoroughly before coming to the dojo.


Re-opening Information.

Safety Video Covid 19 Protocols and Procedures Hombu Dojo January 2021


Ashlyn Ng  – Video Producer  and  Director      
Ira Giligson – Video Voice Over      
Bill Ng – Videography


ZOOM Link will be posted here on May 8, 2021

Saturday, May 15, 2021

International Sato Ha Rengo Friendship Workshop

Color Belt and Black Belt            6:00 pm – 7:00 pm          PST

6:00pm   –   6:10pm          Seiza / Mokuso and Introductions

6:10pm   –    6:20m            Warm Up

6:20pm   –   6:30pm          Kihon ———Akira sato

6:30pm   –   6:55pm          Kata Awo Yagi   and   Bunkai (Self Defense )    Rosella/ Andreas

Black Belts Only                              7:00 pm – 8:00 pm          PST

7:00pm   –   7:30pm         Kata SOUCHIN and Bunkai

7:30pm   –   7:50pm         Uechi Ryu Sanchin

7:50pm   –   8:00pm        Souke announcement

8:00pm                             Session Ending

8:10pm   –   8:30pm        High Ranking Belt Test Examination


We would like to invite you, your friends, classmates and family to join our Sato Kai Karate Club. Our traditional Japanese karate club was established in 1970 by our current Founder –  Sensei Akira Sato.

Sato Kai has students aged from 6 Years to 80 Years of age at all skill levels from Beginner White Belt to Advanced Black Belt.

We offer comprehensive training and lessons for all levels that are designed to meet the needs of all participants in a friendly and supportive manner. Instruction is mostly provided in a group setting, but one-on-one instruction and / or private lessons can be arranged. For those with unique Special Needs we can adjust the training for you.

We are confident that we can meet your needs whether it be fun, fitness, friendship, vigorous training, support and / or competition.

Being a member allows you to train up to 4 days per week including Zoom lessons. First lesson is free.

Check out the poster shown below and contact us for further details.

“Youth Mental Wealth”

Monday, April 26 from 4:00 – 5:00pm PDT 

We Hope You Will Join Us For Our First Virtual Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Our event is open to all students GRADE 8 and ABOVE across Canada.

Adults, parents and teachers are encourage to join is for this worthwhile event !

Trained speakers from will host a Virtual Memorial Jack Talk in memory of former VSB student Clive Weston from Eric Hamber.

Guest speakers will highlight the effects of academic stress, depression, anxiety and self-esteem and educate us on the process of seeking help and identifying a crisis. 

Check out Clive’s Memorial Website:                                     All donations through his page will go to

All registrants will receive an informative email shortly including a link to the Jack Talk.  

We hope to see you there💚


We are beginning our Little Samurai – Level 1 Karate Class soon!

In-person classes will take place at the Peretz Centre – 6184 Ash St
Free trial lesson:  March 20 – 10:30 – 11:15am
Session: Saturdays March 27 – June 26

Cost: $200 (includes t-shirt – youth sizes available) – E-transfer to Shitoryu Karate at, password:  Satoha (in the reference please put your child’s name and t-shirt size)

Please RSVP HERE below to attend the trial lesson on March 20.  Children should wear comfortable clothing to exercise in, training will be done in their barefeet. ALL TRAINING WILL BE DONE FOLLOWING PROVINCIAL COVID-19 PROTOCOLS

Akira Sato, 50th Annual Winter Beach Practice

This was a memorable and fittingly challenging event with the arrival of the “kamikaze” (Japanese divine-wind). A welcome test of the spirit of all to defy the winds of 40 to 60 kph and wind chills below zero. The 1.2 metre waves made it a real soaker going into the sea. This 50th year event January 11, 2020 will go down in our history as the “Kamikaze Winter Beach Practice”.

This annual winter ritual was started by Sensei Sato 50 years ago to develop the spirit of his karate students.

CBC News – 50th Satokai Annual Winter Beach Practice

Mert Horita

President, Satokai Canada

Akira Sato, Advisory Committee Special Certificate

Sensei Sato was honoured with a special Kudan (9th Dan) Certificate from two highly respected members of the advisory committee, Shihan Fumio Demura and Dr. David Suzuki.

On November 14, 2019, Shihan Fumio Demura presented Sensei Sato with this special certificate in recognition of his upcoming 50th year (2020) of karate in Canada.

Shihan Fumio Demura is the Soke (founder) and President/Chairman of his own international organization Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Genbu-Kai. He is famous worldwide as a martial arts expert and participant in the film industry.

David Suzuki CC OBC FRSC is known worldwide as a Canadian academic, science broadcaster (The Nature of Things seen in over 40 countries) and an environmental activist. He co-founded the David Suzuki Foundation.

Mert Horita

President, Satokai Canada

Ms. Pam Ross
2020 Canadian Olympic Coach – Karate

Congratulations go out to our very own Ms. Pam Ross who has recently been selected to serve as one of the  Tokyo 2020 Olympic Program Head Coaches in the first ever Olympics for the sport of karate. Ms. Pam Ross (kata) is teamed with Mrs. Nassim Varasteh (kumite) to lead the Canadian Olympic Karate Team through to the Tokyo Games, as Canadian karate athletes and coaches pursue success in this first-ever Olympics for karate.

Thank-you Pam for your continued commitment to leadership and development in the sport of karate !

Akira Sato, Karate Canada 9th Dan

In the 56-year history of Karate Canada, Akira Sato is one of only 3 Kudans awarded. The first Kudan was the founder Masami Tsuruoka (1929-2014), the second is Shane Higashi. Sato Sensei and Higashi Sensei are the highest ranks in Canada.

Karate Canada is the only karate organization legitimately recognized, supported and funded by the Canadian government, and is the National governing body for the sport of karate in Canada. Karate Canada is a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee, the World Karate Federation, the Pan American Karate Federation and the Commonwealth Karate Federation.

Mert Horita

President, Satokai Canada

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