About Us

The Best Way to Achieve fitness.Find inner peace.Reach your potential.Learn self-defense.

Vancouver Shito-Ryu was formed over 45 years ago and teaches traditional Japanese Karate. We emphasize basic techniques, using hands and feet, which are held to be most effective in combat.


SOKE SATO - Sato Kai Founder and Current Head Instructor

This is the home dojo for the International Satokai Chief Instructor, Akira Sato, 9th Dan. Sensei Sato has been teaching in Vancouver since 1970, after previously studying in Japan.

Sensei Sato has travelled to 41 countries for workshops and tournaments.

He and a team of experienced black belt instructors provide classes at all levels for both adults and children. Students very quickly master the skills necessary to advance through the various levels. Many Vancouver Shito-Ryu students excel in local, national and international tournaments.

Andreas Kuntze          Lead Instructor

6th Dan (5th Dan Karate Canada)
WKF Judge A (Kata and Kumite)
PKF Referee A
Karate Canada Referee A
Vice President, Karate Canada

Rosella Ng                Lead Instructor

5th Dan
PKF Referee B
Karate Canada Referee A

Our Style

Shito Ryu

Shito-Ryu is one of the four major styles of Japan. Shito-Ryu Satokai remains true to the classical karate of feudal Okinawa. It combines two of the great traditions of karate – Shuri-te and Naha-te – and in Japan is considered to be the foremost at teaching kata – a series of offensive and defensive moves for dealing with multiple opponents. Although solidly rooted in centuries of tradition, Shito-Ryu also incorporates the modern discipline of sport karate.


While in the past there were no formal belt grades, a system of belt grades was introduced to reflect this gradual advance. Coloured belts begin at white and move up through yellow to orange, green, blue and brown. It should be noted that the amount of time required to gain proficiency at each belt level increases.

Students are taught pre-arranged forms, called “kata”, to promote speed, agility and strength. Once a basic level has been achieved, the individual can develop their skills with pre-arranged combat, or “kihon kumite”, and eventually with free-sparring. This process is gradual.

Our Values

Reputable Karate instructors teach martial skills in order that they are not used. This philosophical approach has been called a “martial art”, with the stress on ‘art’, for this very reason. In practical purposes, this means developing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since every student of karate-do (of the ‘path’ of karate) is unique, some may look for greater physical health, and others for more mental or spiritual development. Karate offers all of these.

True practitioners of Karate-do make this a life-time study. That doesn’t mean that we must stop our lives to study this art. Rather, it means fitting Karate-do into our daily lives. A slow, steady approach to Karate will be far more beneficial than a fanatic burst to learn it all in a few months. You can only know whether this is for you if you try it!!

Karate is fun too! While our training will challenge anyone, regardless of their fitness or previous experience, we hope to make friends in training. Best of all, you are invited to our annual Beach Practice at English Bay! The only catch — it takes place on the third Saturday in JANUARY!! Neither snow, nor rain, nor hail postpones it!