International Recognition for Soke Sato

In early September, our leader Soke Sato was recognized for his lifetime contributions to the sport of karate by the 全日本空手道連盟 (Japan Karate Federation). He has received a letter and map detailing his leadership role in bringing karate to Canada and the world. Soke moved from Japan to Canada in May 1970 and quickly established a small karate club. Although he had only intended to stay in Canada for 2 years, the support and enthusiasm his students expressed for...

Seminar with a Real-Life Michelangelo

An intro to the national martial art of the Phillipines Last Saturday we were joined by Shishir Inocalla for an arnis seminar! Arnis is the national martial art of the Phillipines.   Shishir is both an actor and stuntman, once appearing in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III movie as Michaelangelo. He is also an old friend of Sato Sensei.   Thank you Shishir for a great seminar!