For Parents of New Students


Welcome, your child is practicing Shito-Ryu Karate-Do at Hombu Dojo!

Some Helpful Things to Know:

  1. When entering the training area of the dojo, EVERYONE – students and visitors – must remove shoes outside the doorway and placed neatly outside.
  1. Students need to bow upon entering and leaving the training area of the dojo.
  1. Our Shito-Ryu Passport is a little booklet containing the essential details of our training system and testing requirements. IT IS ALSO YOUR CHILD’S ONGOING PERSONAL DOCUMENTATION OF HER/HIS PARTICIPATION IN TESTS, WORKSHOPS, AND TOURNAMENTS THROUGHOUT THEIR PRACTICE OF KARATE-DO.  If you do not already have one for your child, please ask for one.  They are $5 currently.
  1. Getting your child ready for practice:
  • Clean, pressed uniform, belt tied: we’re happy to show you how to fold the uniform so that it stays unwrinkled!
  • A t-shirt or undershirt underneath, white preferably.
  • For safety:
    • Trimmed fingernails.
    • No jewelry, bracelets, watches, etc. If pierced earrings cannot be removed, they should be covered front and back with bandaids
    • Hair should be pulled back away from the face.
    • Long hair should be tied back with elastics, no clips or pins.belt-tying
  1. Training Schedule: in the process of being set up on the website.  Currently, you should be receiving emails as to holiday changes to the regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday/ Saturday schedule, but soon this will be updated in the website in a calendar format.
  1. Members’ Page: Please ask your instructor for the password to access this section.  The password will be subject to change.
  1. Testing for the Next Belt: Your child’s readiness to test for each level will depend on many things, esp. how often and how consistently s/he trains; independent ability with the belt level requirements, and their instructor’s approval. It is very important that your child tests only if s/he is truly ready, so that their skills and confidence may become fully developed.
  1. White Belts Testing for Yellow Belt: There is a Terminology Requirement in the first belt test:  your child will show their understanding of a few Japanese terms and/or our 5 Rules we use at every practice by verbally explaining or demonstrating.

Here are the Five Rules in English, just in case you’re wondering!

  1. Be moderate and courteous.
  2. Be righteous and have a strong sense of justice.
  3. Be modest in your words and actions.
  4. Respect others.
  5. Karate-Do is a lifetime study.

Good luck, and ask if you have a question.  We are happy to help!