Colour belt grading is conducted approximately 3 times a year. Students who are deemed to have attained the required level of proficiency by their Senseis will be encouraged to test. Once brown belt has been attained there is a requirement to train for at least 1 year before applying for black belt testing as well as an obligation to attend at least one of the 2 black belt/brown belt workshops held each year.

BELT LEVEL REQUIREMENTS (in addition to the mandatory basic katas and kumite)
Belt LevelKata
OrangePinan Nidan
GreenPinan Sandan
BluePinan Shodan
BrownPinan Yondan
Sanchin, Pinan Godan, Jitte, Jiin, Jion
NidanBassai-Dai, Seiinchin
Matsumorarohai, Itosurohai-Shodan, Naifanchin-Shodan, Tensho Kusanku-Dai
SandanBassai-Dai, Seiinchin
Wankan, Kusanku-Sho, Bassai-Sho, Naifanchin-Nidan, Itosurohai-Nidan, Saifa
YondanBassai-Dai, Seiinchin
Shiho-Koshokun, Chinte, Niseishi Naifanchin-Sandan, Seishan
GodanBassai-Dai, Seiinchin
Wanshu, Goju-Shiho, Chinto Sochin, Seipai