CHIEF INSTRUCTOR – Sensei Roy Tippenhauer is the Sato Ha Chief Instructor for Kobudo He lives and trains in Campbell River, BC, Canada.



Contact Sensei Roy directly via email for more details and access codes for Zoom at roytip@hotmail.com           

Zoom Practice Times            

Wednesdays    6:00 pm – 7:30 pm  and every two weeks
Zoom Kobudo Class Fee       $20 per class
Group Kobudo Class Fee      $20 per class
Private Kobudo Class Fee     $40 per hour

NOTE: Zoom is a free app


ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR – Ryan Poitras – Ni Dan, who trains at Sato Kai Hombu Dojo – Vancouver supports Sensei Roy Tippenhauer by offering Kobudo [weapons] training and instruction at Hombu Dojo in Vancouver.

Ryan Poitras began training in Karate and Kobudo at the age of 7 years in St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. Ryan is currently a well-respected and valuable Ni Dan in Sato Ha Hombu Dojo in Vancouver.

Ryan began his Karate and Kobudo training in Genbu Kai and has participated in numerous seminars led by Shihan Fumio Demura in Canada and Los Angeles for many years.

While Ryan’s favourite weapon is the Sai, he has been studying and practicing a range of  techniques and practical applications using the Bo, Eku bo, Nunchaku, Kama and Tonfa. Ryan has competed successfully in tournaments using all of these weapons for many years.

Ryan believes that Karate and Kobudo are lifelong activities that require constant practice and attention. If students are dedicated and willing to learn, they will develop skills that allow them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

If you would like to learn more about Sato Ha Kobudo training, please use the contact information shown below.

We will connect you with Chief Kobudo Instructor Sensei Roy Tippenhauer located on Vancouver Island, or Ryan Poitras located at in Sato Kai Hombu Dojo.

Hombu Dojo:   Peretz Centre, 6184 Ash Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 3G9
Phone:                 (604) 321-1815
Email:                  info@shitoryu.net