Second Free Summer Seminar!

Save the date - June 26! Our first seminar was a success so we are planning another! FREE   ONLINE   KATA  WORKSHOP 2nd International Friendship Workshop Join Zoom Meeting Link     Saturday, June 26, 2021     10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon  PDT Schedule:              10:30 am Kihon Kata and Kihon Kumite #1 - 12                 11:30 am Kururumfa and Bunkai

Fundraising Seminars a Success!

Over the past few months, our Hombu dojo has organized various online Zoom seminars to support a young lady who has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Aurora underwent brain surgery in January this year and is now on the long road to recovery. Our Fundraising Results Totalled $3900.00 CDN Thank you so much to everyone who participated and donated! From Dubai to Japan, we were able to see a lot of old, familiar smiling faces. We hope to see you...

Pam Ross – 2020 Canadian Olympics Team Coach

Congratulations go out to our very own Ms. Pam Ross who has been selected to serve as one of the  Tokyo 2020 Olympic Program Head Coaches in the first ever Olympics for the sport of karate. Ms. Pam Ross (kata) is teamed with Mrs. Nassim Varasteh (kumite) to lead the Canadian Olympic Karate Team through to the Tokyo Games, as Canadian karate athletes and coaches pursue success in this first-ever Olympics for karate. Thank-you Pam for your continued commitment to...